Although we didn't shoot as much film as we usually do, we still had a blast at the 28th Annual Thompson Speedway, World Series of Speedway Racing. It was ISMA's final point show of the year, as well as the final point race for the NASCAR Featherlight Mod Tour and both shows were exciting and unpredictable.

Oberlin, OH resident Jimmy Shirey took over the wheel of the second Steve Miller car for Thompson. Shirey was unable to get the engine back together in time for his own #72 and was surprised when Miller asked him to drive the second car.

Here Shirey and Miller talk things over early Sunday morning.

Greg Furlong captured the 2001 Oswego Speedway Championship but got a couple more ISMA winged super shows under his belt at the end of the season.

One of the most dynamic duos in ISMA is the powerhouse team of driver Chris Perley and car owner Vic Miller. Perley won the 2000 Thompson World Series and won the first ISMA show of the year at Seekonk, ME

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