Timmy J.,(Bill Kovacs Motorsports #7), leads the first heat through turn 3. Joe Petro,(Petro #99),Scotty Martel,(Martel Motorsports #14),Pat Shullick,(Stout 49),Jennifer Chesbro,(Chesbro #33), Howie Page in his own #18 fill out the shot.


Heat 1 action with #14 Martel, #99 Petro,

#49 Shullick, and #18 Page.


Pat Shullick, (Stout #49), chases Scott Martel, (Martel Motorsports #14) in heat race action. Shullick would finish third behind Martel and winner Jedrzejek.


Here's the start of the wild second heat. #88 Willie Stutzman is on the pole. Dave McKnight, Jr., (Lichty 94), Russ Wood, (Dunigan 29), and Lou Cicconi, Jr, (Cicconi 75), fill out the picture.


Cicconi,(Cicconi #75), had the line on McKnight,(Lichty #94), and would soon pass him up for the lead.


The real action though was at the back. Dave Shullick, Jr., (Bill Kovacs Motorsports #33), had jumped into his father's car for the heat after losing an engine in tt. He started at the rear and was passing a car a lap. In this shot Jimmy Shirey, (Shirey Group Effort #72) becomes one of those cars.


In this shot Shullick is running sixth and in a transfer spot behind Kenny Bell, (Soule Racing #32), and "Wild Willie"Stutzman,(Du-Mor Racing #88). Shullick would make the pass and run one more lap before going for the ride of his life.