"The Rowley Rocket"-Chris Perley, (Vic Miller #11) chases "Da Hippy" Jack Smith, (P&G Motorsports #09) onto Berlin's backchute during practice.

Eric Shirey, (Shirey Group Effort #72), heads out of turn two during practice at Berlin Raceway.

Showing two distinct lines out of Berlin's Turn 2 are Russ Wood, (Paul Dunigan Motorsports #29), and Denny Fisher, (Jaycox Racing #81).

Two Ohio Veterans. Gary Griffith, (Ryan #29), and Joe Grunda, (Grunda #1), head onto the backchute. Grunda is now living in GA & made the long tow up.

Jimmy Shirey of Oberlin, OH is piloting one of the most photogenic cars on the ISMA tour. The Steve Miller Sweet 16.

S. Amherst, Ohio resident Dave Shullick, Jr, (Stout Racing #83) warming up on the Berlin Frontstretch.

Hannibal, NY's Howie Page, (Page #18), goes low under Jennifer Chesbro, (Ray Chesbro #33), as they head into turn 1.

2001 ISMA Driver of the Year-Dave McKnight has struggled somewhat this year. Here he shoots into turn 1 during practice.