Kenny Bell, (Soule Racing #32) leads Mark Buonomo, (Budnick #88) onto the front stretch during the first heat race.


This is the closest anyone got to keeping Jennifer Chesbro, (Chesbro Racing #33), from winning her first ever ISMA race. Johnny Payne, (PMS #67), gave it his best shot out of four with 2 laps to go.


As she crosses the start finish line, Jennifer Chesbro becomes the first woman to win an ISMA race as well as taking her first ever ISMA checkers over Johnny Payne, (PMS #67), Russ Wood, (Paul Dunigan Motorsports #29), and Chris Perley, (Vic Miller #11 not shown).


Led by her father, Ray, Jennifer's crew swarmed the car in Victory Lane.


Jennifer poses on the same hallowed ground that many supermodified legends have sat in before, the Berlin Raceway Victory Lane.