Rookie sensation John Gambuti, (Budnick #88), heads into turn 1.

Warming up in practice are Howie Page, (Page #18), Jon Henes, (Henes #36), "The Jersey Jet" Joey Payne, (Lane #9), and Mike Ordway, (Booth #61).

"The Bull" Mike Ordway, (Booth #61) at speed.

Second generation driver Jon Henes, (Henes #36), leads fellow Ohioan Jimmy Shirey, (Miller Sweet 16), into turn 1 during practice.

A driver and team that never gives up and is could use a little good luck is former TQ racer Mark Sammut, (Sammut #78).

Two of the fastest, most fearless competitors on the ISMA Tour-Mike Ordway,(Booth #61), and Dave McKnight, Jr., (Lichty #94).