The Rear View-Jamie Timmons, (Timmons FOUR27).

Russ Wood, (Paul Dunigan Motorsports #29), and Mark Sammut, (Sammut #78) are ready to be pushed off for the feature.

The Front View-Jamie Timmons,(Timmons FOUR27).

J. Scott Martel, (Martel Motorsports #14), strapped in and ready to rock.

The intensity of "The Bull" seeing red. Mike Ordway, (Booth #61).

Rookie Eyes-Eric Shirey, (Shirey Group Effort #72).

Ready for TakeOff-"The Jersey Jet"-Joey Payne, Jr., (Lane #9).

The Long View-Mike Ordway,(Booth #61).

Berlin's Top Three-L-R:3rd-Russ Wood, (Paul Dunigan Motorsports #29),1st-Chris Perley, (Vic Miller #11), 2nd-Joe Gosek, (Paul Dunigan Motorsports#26)

All Smiles-"The Rowley Rocket" Chris Perley sits in Berlin's Hallowed Victory Lane after 50 furious laps.