Chad Ede-Fresno, CA

Darren Rusconi

Darren Rusconi-Fresno, CA

#4-Chad Ede, #66 Darren Rusconi

Jeff Russell-Boise, ID

#28 Ray Stebbins-Seattle, WA, #91 Rick Veenstra-Emmet, ID

Defending SRL Champion, Troy Regier-Dinuba, CA

#8 George Greenway-Tollhouse, CA-#85 Jeff Russell-Boise, ID

Dave Adamson-Salt Lake City, UT

Lonnie Adamson-Salt Lake City, UT

Bobby Dawson-Stockton, CA

Bob Bigiogni-Salina, CA

Troy Regier is lined up and ready to roll.

Rick Veenstra gets strapped in.

Eric Silsby-Carson City, NV sits ready to go as father Tom checks tire pressures.

Veteran super pilot Ricky Otts of Houston, TX

George Greenway is strapped in and ready to rock.

Bobby Dawson straps on the brain bucket.

Ron Martinez-Fresno, CA in his unique looking #5.

Rookie driver Chad Ede lined up next to Martinez.

Jeff Russell gets a proper send off before the start.

A beautiful site-#98 Eric Silsby-Carson City, NV, #1 Jim Birges-Fresno, CA, and #14 Lonnie Adamson-Salt Lake City, UT.