An early morning practice shot of Chris Perley, (Vic Miller #11) and Joe Gosek, (Paul Dunigan Motorsports #26), as they come out of turn 2.


It may say "Eric Shirey" on the side, but it's really DaddieO Jimmy Shirey sporting the "Mobile Performance Lab" logo on the Shirey Group Effort #72.


Our good friend, the late Dion Parish, (Redline Racing #62), debuted his new paint scheme at Berlin. Although this shot doesn't show it, the car changes colors like a prism in the sun.


Ipswich, MA resident, J. Scotty Martel,(Martel Motorsports #14), dives under Ray Graham, (Jaycox #91) as they run down the backstretch.


Midget racer, Mark Buonomo shoots into turn one in the Bruce Budnick #88.


Joey Hawksby, Jr.,(Hawksby Duece), twistin' it hard coming out of turn four.


The "Jersey Jerky" aka Johnny Payne in the PMS #67 runs just ahead of Scotty Martel, (Martel Motorsports #14), as they gas it up out of turn four.